Bieze Food Group

Bieze Food Group is a group of successful, mutual cooperative working enterprises within the growth markets of fresh food. The intention of Bieze Food Group is to be an involved business partner and employer against a competitive price-quality relation, where respect and development possibilities are significant.

Products which are traded by Bieze Food Group are salads, uncooked food salads, seasoning blends, dairy products, meat in sauces, allergen-free seasoning blends and potato specialties.

Organisation and subsidiaries
Bieze Food Group consists of the following subsidiaries:
In the Netherlands

  • Bieze BV
  • Epos BV:
    • Dutch Spices BV
  • Dutch Dairy Group BV
    • De Zuivelmaatschappij BV
    • Twente Foods BV
  • Vers Logistiek BV
  • BFG Warehousing BV
  • LCC BV (La Cuisine Culinaire)

In Belgium
  • Food Group België BV
    • Jebo Food NV
    • Nikita NV
    • StarMeal NV:
      • Foodmaker NV

Information about the different subsidiaries can be found on the concerning sites.

The head office of Bieze Food Group is in Nijkerk. The holding company applies oneself to facilitate services to the different subsidiaries, focussed on finances, automation, work force and organisation, information services and facility provision.