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Bieze Food Group

Making a difference in
the fresh-food world


Working for BFG

As an involved employer we consider personal development and cooperation very important. This is also at a key aspect of your career with us.

Good cooperation, pleasure in your work and an open atmosphere are aspects of working for BFG we are very pleased to be able to offer you. What do we expect from you? Your boundless efforts to develop further within the food branch together with your colleagues.

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Working for BFG

About Bieze Food Group

Bieze Food Group is a group of companies that work together within the food branch. The Group includes both producing and trading companies and each company has its own specialities.

Bieze Food Group’s product range includes salads, sauces, raw julienned vegetable salads, (allergen-free) spice mixes, dairy and non-dairy products, meat preparations, ready-to-eat meals, potato products and more.

We serve the market from our joint logistics centre so that as a Group we can offer our clients an all-in service concept.

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