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About BFG

Company profile

Bieze Food Group is always on the look-out for new opportunities or challenges. We are a group of different companies brought together by a mutual passion – food.

Our organisation is known for being a dynamic, informal family business with a horizontal structure.

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Keeping a constant look-out for new market opportunities isn’t a new activity for Bieze Food Group. It was already doing it back in 1954 when Frank Eduard Bieze decided to start his own business. He certainly had an entrepreneur’s nose for market opportunities and customer needs. Plus the ability to make other people equally enthusiastic about his ideas. From batteries to stomach pills and from tea and biscuits to the salads which ultimately set Bieze on the growth path it is still travelling today.

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Wernsing Food Family

Since 1986 Bieze Food Group has been a subsidiary of the German Wernsing Food Family.

Wernsing Food Family is a group of 25 responsibility-aware companies that are active within Europe. The products produced and distributed by the Group companies include potato specialities, salads, dressings, sauces and soups.

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Bieze Food Group is formed by the companies below. For more information about the individual companies please visit their own websites.