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Working for

Develop as a professional in a motivated and enthusiastic team

Working for Bieze Food Group means working for a dynamic organisation with a horizontal structure that offers many opportunities for personal and career development. That our people have team spirit, commitment and initiative goes without saying.

Because all our companies have their own specialities we often have a wide range of vacancies in many different fields within the Group!



Internship / graduation

Bieze Food Group always has space for trainees who are eager to learn and are passionate about food. And there are always new developments and opportunities within Bieze Food Group, which makes it the perfect company in which to learn and gain practical experience. We regularly offer interesting internships in departments such as HRM, (online) Marketing, Production, ICT, Sales, Business Control & Organisation Development and (Financial) Administration.

Our employees

Our employees

“I have a great job – I’m a Receptionist/Telephonist in a positive company that is always developing. By being friendly and attentive and having a positive attitude I, together with a great team of colleagues, can contribute towards creating a good atmosphere in this pivotal position within Bieze Food Group.”

Jetty Koopman
Receptionist/Telephonist – Bieze Food Group

“At De Zuivelmaatschappij we work in a small but decisive team. I have a lot of contact with both clients and producers. On top of that, my job is very project-based. That all adds up to making it very varied. As they say: Never a dull moment!”

Veronique van Dijk
Product Manager – de Zuivelmaatschappij (The Dairy Company)

“When you work for Bieze Food Group you are given a lot of space to be independent, a high degree of individual responsibility and all the freedom to come up with your own ideas and develop them with colleagues. In my role within the holding company I am continuously seeking the balance between the bigger total Bieze Food Group picture and the individual market identities of the operating companies. Both are necessary and this creates many challenges.”

Remco Duiker
Manager Business Control & Organisation – Bieze Food Group

“My time at BFG during my graduation phase enabled me to develop in a professional and very pleasant environment. I was given a lot of freedom within my assignment and my colleagues were very willing to help when necessary. My eagerness to learn was appreciated, which meant that while I was at BFG I could develop myself as a young professional.”

Marjanne Hamstra
Facility Trainee – Bieze Food Group

“As a concept developer at Bieze my main focus is keeping up to date with new trends and market developments and translating them into new concepts and products that fit within our brand image and answer the consumer’s needs. The market is constantly changing, especially in the food world, so there is always space for revamping and innovation. That’s what makes my job so enjoyable!”

Annick Beyer
Junior Concept Developer – Bieze Food Group

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